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SBMS team

Farhad Dehkhoda

Farhad joined the RTClab in April as a post-doc to work on our Ghrelin-Dopamine receptor interaction project. Farhad did his PhD with Andrew Brooks, at the Diamantina Institute, working on cytokine receptor signalling. Since finishing his PhD, Farhad has been working on a commercial project around new immunotheriapies led by Sandra Nicholson at WEHI. In his spare time he enjoys a game or two of football and tries to keep himself updated about national and international affairs.

Noah Piper


Noah has a B Pharm Science (hons.) from Monash University and a keen interest in neuropharmacology. He is excited to be working on melanocortin 4 receptor signalling and dynamics within our lab. Outside of the lab, Noah spends more time than he cares to admit amassing and cataloguing a music collection and staunchly believes that life is far too short to spend it drinking bad coffee.


JingJing Xing

JingJing is a Ph.D. student at the school of biomedical science.  She is excited to investigate cholesterol modulation of GPCR signaling. Outside of the lab, JingJing enjoys  debating, cycling, Skiing, Boxing, and Dancing.

Desye Misganaw

Desye has a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and then he studied Pharmacology at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Desye is interested in learning more about Molecular neuropharmacology and GPCRs. Inspired by how the interaction of GPCRs modifies the typical pharmacological of individual GPCRs, he is thrilled to be a part of our project on the role of the ghrelin receptor in modifying the activity of other GPCRs.

Keith Mutundewe

Keith has a B Pharm Science (hons.) from Monash University where he worked in the Integrated Neurogenic Mechanisms lab.  Keith is very interested in translating basic discoveries in biology to therapies for human conditions and beyond keeping the lab running, contributes to experiments across several of our projects.  Outside of the lab, Keith indulges his myriad music tastes and all manner of visual media.

Collaborative team


Peter McDonald

Peter has a B Science (hons.) in chemistry from the University of Melbourne and is working to develop novel solvatochromatic fluorophores for applications in measuring protein dynamics. His project is a collaboration between the Ritchie Lab (Chemistry, Monash University) and the the RTC lab. From relaxing on a beach, to seeking out a waterfall amongst the mountain ashes, you will likely find Peter exploring the great outdoors when not in the lab

Mitchell Ringuet

Mitchell has a Biomedical science (Msc.) in Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne and is working on our project on the interaction between Ghrelin and Dopamine D2 receptors using ex-vivo electrophysiology & RNA scope. His project is a collaboration between the lab of Digestive Physiology & Nutrition lab at the Florey Institute for Neurosciences and the the RTC lab. Mitchell like to hit the links while avoiding getting centuries.

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Pragya Gupta

Pragya has a Master of Science in molecular genetics from the Banaras Hindu University & a PhD in biological sciences from the Indian Institute of Technology. Pragya is working on our project on the the role of the Calcitonin receptor in programmed cell death and Glioblastoma. Her project is a collaboration between the lab of Dr. Peter Wookey (Austin Health) and the the RTC lab.

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